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Market Commentary

Should We Go Away?

The old adage that warns investors to “sell in May and go away” is resurfacing thanks to one of the most dramatic three months in the history of the stock market. Let’s take a look at the data to see if this warning has any merit at all.

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What Do The Experts Think?

The media is reporting that the market expects the Fed to push interest rates below zero in 2021. But who is the “market,” and how good are they at predicting the future?

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Why So Negative?

Yields on Treasury bills briefly turned negative back in March. Given that so many other countries have tried using negative interest rate policies for years with little success, is the U.S. headed into a downward spiral?

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The April Paradox

April will go down as one of the worst months ever for economic activity. It will also be remembered as one of the best months for stocks. This paradox has many perplexed. Who could be buying right now with so much uncertainty?

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Don’t Throw Away The Instructions!

Oil fell below zero on Monday to close at -$37.63. This prompted opportunistic investors to jump into vehicles that advertise exposure to oil, but they may come to regret not reading the instruction manual first.

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Quarter In Review: Q1 2020

Looking forward, the country is in uncharted territory. Never before has the government attempted such bold moves to control a crisis, and the lack of a time-tested playbook leaves several questions unanswered.

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