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Market Commentary

Let's Get Real.

The U.S. economy is on fire, yet all investors and the media seem to want to talk about these days is inflation. Is this risk real, and if so, what can we do to protect and prosper while prices keep rising higher?

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Look Under The Hood Before Buying

The first ever bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is finally here, and initial demand has been off the charts. However, it’s unclear how many early adopters of this ETF realize that they don’t actually own bitcoin.

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3Q 2021 Quarter In Review

The economy continued to print numbers in the third quarter that during any other time in history could be mistaken for typos. On a relative basis, we haven’t seen growth like this since post World War II. But high growth rates on large numbers like the size of the U.S. economy don’t last. They mathematically cannot, but long-term investors should welcome slower growth because it’s more sustainable. However, it’s unlikely that the next phase of this bull market will be a smooth ride. Fed tapering, political insanity in D.C., and resetting expectations for future growth could quickly remind investors that stocks are volatile.

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Old Financial Wives' Tales

Never invest in all-time highs. You can’t put a price on education. Volatility measures risk. Rising national debt is bad for stocks. Don’t start saving for retirement until you are in your 40s…

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The risk of ignoring diversification is rarely worth the reward. One of the most infamous stories in financial history can remind us of the inherent dangers of concentrated positions in a portfolio.

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Why Are They So Important?

The Federal Reserve Bank is not short on critics, and the controversy surrounding them often feels comparable to a daytime soap opera. What does the Fed do, and why does the world care so much?

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