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Market Commentary

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The risk of ignoring diversification is rarely worth the reward. One of the most infamous stories in financial history can remind us of the inherent dangers of concentrated positions in a portfolio.

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Why Are They So Important?

The Federal Reserve Bank is not short on critics, and the controversy surrounding them often feels comparable to a daytime soap opera. What does the Fed do, and why does the world care so much?

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Swinging For The Fences

J.P. Morgan conducted an analysis to determine the frequency of catastrophic losses. How can investors protect against this risk and better position themselves to hit more home runs?

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Dow Falls More Than 700 Points!!!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a popular stock index used to track the broader U.S. equity market. It fell over 700 points on Monday for its worst day since October, which compelled the media to do what they do.

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2021 Halftime Report

Markets calmed down somewhat during the second quarter, but that doesn’t imply smooth sailing from here. If anything, less drama has opened the door to fiery debates on the direction of the economy and financial markets.

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Long term investors often preach the dangers of day trading, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fool’s errand. There are five traits that are critical for any trader to not just thrive but also survive. Do you have them?

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