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Market Commentary

Will Seinfeld Shed A Tear?

Wild trading stories are all over the news. Stocks of bankrupt companies are surging higher, and others with no product to sell are worth as much as established institutions. What’s going on?

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Is The Recession Over?

Green shoots are popping up all over the economic landscape. The sharpest downturn since the Great Depression may end up being the shortest. What’s next for investors?

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The Real Risk In Madoff’s Fraud

The media can have a powerful influence on its audience, and more times than not, what they choose to report on does not line up with what matters most. This disconnect can pose real risk to investors.

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Should We Go Away?

The old adage that warns investors to “sell in May and go away” is resurfacing thanks to one of the most dramatic three months in the history of the stock market. Let’s take a look at the data to see if this warning has any merit at all.

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What Do The Experts Think?

The media is reporting that the market expects the Fed to push interest rates below zero in 2021. But who is the “market,” and how good are they at predicting the future?

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Why So Negative?

Yields on Treasury bills briefly turned negative back in March. Given that so many other countries have tried using negative interest rate policies for years with little success, is the U.S. headed into a downward spiral?

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