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Market Commentary

What Do The Bears Believe?

The S&P 500 reached an all-time high this week. Rather than pop the champagne, it seems that this historic event is being met with far more pessimism than optimism. Why is there still so much negativity out there?

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Is There A Way In?

The media loves to report on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) because the opportunity for fast money generates a lot of buzz. How can investors get in on the next big IPO?

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Solving High-Class Problems

Rising stock prices can create challenges for companies and investors. To alleviate these high-class problems, boardrooms often authorize a stock split. What exactly is a stock split, and how does it work?

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Is The Dollar Crashing?

The U.S. dollar plays an integral role in the global economy. Since May, the “greenback” has fallen dramatically and caught the attention of the media and investors globally. Is this a sign that the dollar could crash, and if so, when?

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Is There A Silver Lining For Gold?

Gold and silver have exploded since March due to the aggressive monetary and fiscal policies enacted to fight the recession. Is there still room for these metals to go higher, and if so, what’s the best way to own them?

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Does The Economy Need A KISS?

Economists that attempt to forecast the direction of the U.S. economy tend to be less than stellar. Are their models wrong, and if so, is economic forecasting a fool’s errand?

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