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Will This Horror Story Ever End?

The bond market has been in a bear market for longer than any other time in history and seems to be getting worse by the day. Is it time to throw in the towel, or will it find its footing?

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1H 2023 Halftime Report

The first half of the year was a welcome reprieve from the carnage of 2022. The Fed is no longer in “crisis mode,” indexes have surged higher, and Wall Street is changing its tune on the possibility of a soft landing. Add it all up, and this could be the early innings of the next bull market. Although just a label, sentiment matters. Since the lows back in October, the gains from stocks and bonds are bringing optimism back into vogue. But if this is the next bull market, the playbook from the last one will likely be less effective. Every bull market is different, so it’s time to think fresh and formulate a new approach.

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Is This Another Bubble?

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, and some AI-themed stocks have tripled in months. Is this the beginning of the next big thing, or is this just another bubble that will inevitably burst?

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Here We Go Again 2.0

The debt ceiling is back in the news, and the fear campaign will likely amplify over the coming months. Could a U.S. default trigger financial Armageddon, and if so, what are the odds it could happen?

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Silicon Valley Bank Run

On Wednesday, Silicon Valley Bank was a well-respected institution that catered to elite clientele. By Friday, they were shut down. What happened, and should we be worried?

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