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Can Uncle Sam Solve This Crisis?

Americans have been warned about a looming retirement crisis for decades. Recently, President Biden signed a spending bill that includes new rules attempting to improve the retirement landscape. Will they work?

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Could The Fed Pull It Off?

Wall Street appears to be unanimous. A recession is in the cards for next year, and there’s no way around it. While there is certainly a case to be made to support this consensus view, what if they’re wrong?

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Will We Run Out Of Fuel?

Diesel fuels the global economy, and the outlook going into next year looks grim. With inventories at the lowest level in decades and prices continuing to rise, could this spark the next global crisis?

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Can Mid-Term Elections Help Stocks?

Mid-term elections are days away, and history has much to say about their impact on the stock market. Given all that has transpired this year, could new leadership in D.C. be enough to turn this market around?

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What Is Short Selling?

Those who are brave enough to short stocks and other asset classes garner a lot of bad press, but they serve an invaluable function for markets. How exactly does short selling work, and why would an investor want to do it?

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3Q 2022 Quarterly Update

The first three quarters for stocks and bonds were collectively the worst since 1931. The Federal Reserve has also made it clear that they don’t want these markets recovering until inflation falls, and it’s hard to fight the Fed. Unsurprisingly, investor sentiment is close to all-time lows. The future appears to be in the hands of central bankers, and it’s little surprise why so much of the world has lost faith in them (if there ever was any to begin with). But long-term investors do best when bears are in charge. Leading indicators also suggest that inflation could slow in the coming months, and with immense political pressure weighing on the Fed, could they pivot?

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