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Which Candidate Is Best for Stocks?

The presidential election will be here before we know it, and the punditry has already begun. Democrats and Republicans are using history to show why their party is best for investors. Let’s do our own analysis to see which side is telling the truth.

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Are Stocks Safer Than Cash?

The amount of cash sitting on the sidelines is at an all-time high, and it appears that many investors prefer the safety of cash to stocks. But how do the risk profiles of both change over time, and could these investors be at risk?

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2024 State of The Markets

The U.S. should be in a recession right now. At least, that’s what pundits and economists were telling us a year ago. As recent as April, the Conference Board estimated the odds of a recession starting in the next year at 99%. But we’re not in a recession. The economy is still growing, and The Federal Reserve is now saying they expect interest rates to start falling as soon as this year. If so, the strategies that worked during the last cycle are almost certainly not going to work this time around. It’s time for a new playbook that’s better suited to target the innovation tsunami that may soon crash into the global economy.

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What Is Private Equity?

Investments that do not fall into the equity or fixed income buckets are often called “alternative investments.” One that has gained much attention over the last several years is private equity, and for good reason.

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