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Helping You Grow What You Need

While Working to Protect What You Have

Investment Management

The true value in working with an experienced advisor doesn’t come in just building a portfolio - it’s in tailoring that portfolio to minimize your tax obligation, understanding your unique behavioral biases, creating investment strategies backed by years of research and working together to adjust that portfolio year after year.

At Lakeshore Capital Group, We Bring Value to Your Investments By

Tailoring Your Asset Allocations

Not only do we take your unique circumstances such as risk tolerance and time horizon into account, but we develop a personalized portfolio that considers a number of factors including:

  • Geopolitics
  • P/E ratios
  • Risk premium
  • Supply-demand
  • Market trends & flows
Understanding What’s Important to You

Simply wanting to “make more money” isn’t a helpful goal to have when developing your portfolio. Instead, we want to understand what it is you’re preparing for in the long run - buying a home, paying for a child’s wedding, enjoying retirement and more. By taking the time to understand why we’re investing, we can help you determine what types of investments may be best and how we can work together in a realistic manner towards your goal.

Continuously Monitoring & Realigning

Your life isn’t static - and your portfolio shouldn’t be either. But understanding when to make a move and when to ride out the storm can make all the difference in your ability to stay on track toward your financial goals. We’ll take this important decision-making off your plate, as we continuously monitor your portfolio, reassess allocations and work to keep your investments working alongside the rest of your financial plan.

Our Investment Planning Process

As we work together in developing your tailored investment portfolio, here’s what you can expect from us:

Needs and Objectives Chicago, IL Lakeshore Capital Group

Step 01:

Discuss Your Needs & Objectives

Long-Term Investment Strategy Chicago, IL Lakeshore Capital Group

Step: 02

Develop a Long-Term Investment Strategy

Design Asset Allocation Chicago, IL Lakeshore Capital Group

Step 03:

Design Asset Allocation

Implement Your Portfolio Chicago, IL Lakeshore Capital Group

Step 04:

Implement Your Portfolio

Monitor, Analyze and Report Chicago, IL Lakeshore Capital Group

Step 05:

Monitor, Analyze & Report

Select a Manager Chicago, IL Lakeshore Capital Group

Step 06:

Select a Manager